Snowmobile Trails

The Island Park, Idaho snowmobile trails include over 950 miles of well groomed snowmobile trails and the trail system is touted as “one of the best groomed snowmobile trail systems in the world.”    View Snowmobile Trail Map
Frequently groomed throughout the season, the Island Park, Idaho snowmobile trails make way for outstanding snowmobiling adventure.  From Ashton, Idaho to Yellowstone National Park there is an abundance of snowmobile trails to choose from.  


Snowmobile Trails -- Traffic


Island park snowmobile trails are so numerous that the snowmobile traffic is minimal. 

Snowmobile Trails - Island Park, Idaho

Of course, popular snowmobile trails in Yellowstone National Park will draw a lot of snowmobile traffic but the further away you get from Yellowstone National Park, the less traffic and a more secluded experience will be afforded.  In fact, in many of the Island Park snowmobile trails in the southern region are so peaceful and secluded, that on a day trip you may not see another snowmobiler. 


Snowmobile Trails -- Conditions

The Island Park snowmobile trails are continuously groomed throughout the snowmobiling season.  The snowmobile trails are typically groomed once a week to insure the integrity of each trail. 
During the snowmobiling season, the condition of the snowmobile trails is posted and updated online so riders can find up-to-date information of the grooming schedule.


Snowmobile Trails – Snowmobiling Styles

The Island Park snowmobile trails lead to all kinds of snowmobiling adventure! 
Snowmobile Trails - Multiple Trail TypesFrom sight seeing around Yellowstone National Park or Mesa Falls to hill banging, boondocking, or hitting the steep and deep mountain snow of Two Top, the Island Park snowmobile trails lead the way. 


No matter what style of snowmobiling you are passionate about, the Island Park snowmobile trails will get you there. 


Snowmobile Trails - ServicesSnowmobile Trails - Island Park Trail System

Conveniently located on the Island Park snowmobile trails are gas stations, restaurants, c-stores and bars.  On the snowmobile trails, you can snowmobile to the gas pumps to get gas and get a few supplies from the convenience store.   If you need food for the cabin, snowmobile to the grocery store to stock up the pantry.  If you want to eat out or enjoy the night life, snowmobile to your favorite Island Park restaurant or stop in at the local bar for a drink. Visit the Island Park, Idaho Services Directory for details.     


Snowmobile Trails – Map Download

For your convenience, Island Park, Idaho’s snowmobile trail map is can be downloaded in 1MB or 3MB file sizes. 


Download here:


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